The Law of Repulsion


I guess most people reading this have heard of the Law of Attraction. Its claims is that by focusing the mind on the things we want we can achieve them with pretty much zero effort. The Law of Attraction is very popular – millions of hopefuls visualizing untold wealth, fame, endless sexual conquests, a private jet, or whatever a particular person’s thing happens to be. It doesn’t work. If it did there would be no poor people (the number of poor is increasing), everyone would be famous (fame is more and more concentrated – network effects), and everyone would look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie (the number of overweight people is increasing). 

So let me introduce you to the Law of Repulsion. It is absolutely guaranteed to work. Money back guarantee. For just thirty seconds each day you imagine immeasurable wealth, global fame, your private jet, sexual partners queueing up outside your mansion, or whatever would do it for you. You are guaranteed not to achieve these things – guaranteed. The Law of Attraction cannot offer such a guarantee. 

The Law of Repulsion is based on age-old wisdom. As Jesus Christ said – the poor will always be with us. It also incorporates the latest findings from science and psychology. Network effects mean that wealth will become more and more concentrated and that fame will become the property of fewer and fewer people.

The Law of Repulsion CD set costs just $99, and the weekend Repulsion Super Booster course just $299. If you achieve fame, wealth, irresistible good looks or any other extraordinary asset, your money will be refunded. It’s a no quibble guarantee.

Rest assured that your financial distress, poor health, existential angst, invisibility, and non-special status will continue. That’s the power of the Law of Repulsion. 



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