Artificial Minds

There are more than a few commentators who believe that the next step in evolution is being crafted through artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. George Carlin claimed that the role of humanity was to invent styrofoam, since nature didn’t have the means of achieving this without aid. Having achieved this we can now be dispensed with. Well the same story could apply, but replace styrofoam...


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It’s easy to prove that Schopenhauer is correct in saying that this is the worst of all possible worlds. The fact that a percentage of human beings commit suicide indicates that we are… https://t.co/vlckEWtjrb

“I do not attribute to nature either beauty or deformity, order or confusion. Only in relation to our imagination can things be called beautiful or ugly, well-ordered or confused.” Spinoza… https://t.co/msjblc5mVX

This world is the will to power—and nothing besides! And you yourselves are also this will to power—and nothing besides!”
Friedrich Nietzsche, The Will to Power #power #nietzsche… https://t.co/ip7jpaSKyI

“Emotion, which is suffering, ceases to be suffering as soon as we form a clear and precise picture of it.”
― Baruch Spinoza, Ethics https://t.co/uBAjDcySbi

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