Some Aphorisms


You can always not care. And even if you do care you can “not care” that you care.

If you think you are something you will be afraid of becoming nothing.

As long as we strive we will suffer.

It doesn’t matter what good intentions, ideals and flights of fancy you entertain, the body will always overrule.

The world is built on lies. If you always remember this, very little will take you by surprise.

Any barbaric behavior you can imagine has already happened or will happen, such is the depravity of Homo Sapiens.

Everything you see is dying. This is the valley of death.

All our efforts will be mocked by life. The solution is simple. Make no efforts.

Death is your truest friend. It will not desert you, it does not lie, and it tells you the truth of what you are.

A being that cannot know what it will be thinking in a minute’s time, or whether it will even be alive, can make no claims of being in control.

Freedom and security are wholly incompatible with each other.

You are more death than life.

Hope is the enemy of peace.

When you are stronger others are weaker. When you are weaker others are stronger. This is the law of the beast.

Life is only a shit show if you have even the merest expectation that it shouldn’t be.

We don’t need “should”. Pleasure and Pain show us the way.

Sometimes I think I’ve found a happy ever after story, but then I recall the brutal nature of life and I stab that pretty baby through the heart. Then I smile to myself and feel pleasure at my own inner honesty.

Never trust a “spiritual“ person.

The state of my body is the state of my mind.

If you can observe it, you are not it.

No thought has the right to say I.

You will find it when you don’t want it, but if you have it and want to keep it you will lose it.

If you think you have found it you have found nothing.

The philosophers are much more useful than Harry Potter when it comes to understanding the nature of the prison we inhabit. But once we understand the nature of the prison they are both the same.

A world exists outside your body, but not outside your mind.

You will never be happy until you realize you will never be happy.

Your existence is total slavery. Your protestations are part of the slavery, as are your illusions of escape. Your thoughts are the thoughts of a slave, and your emotions the emotions of a slave. The only relief comes from total acceptance of your slavery, but the slavemaster has no incentive to facilitate this acceptance, since pain is the great motivator. The futile quest for freedom and the inevitable disappointment is the whiplash across the back.

Nature has it finely balanced. If life was significantly more painful the trickle of human suicides would turn into an avalanche, and then human life would cease. This actual world is the worst of all feasible worlds.

Your gaining ideas will bring you nothing but pain. 

My body is dying – just passing through.

Time is the great magician, the creator of the illusion we call life.



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We tell children fairy tales to cushion them against reality. Most people mature into more sophisticated fairy tales called religion and spirituality. Some people drop the fairy tales and look at reality as it is - but it’s difficult.

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