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Practical exercises fall into two camps: a small number that should form the backbone of practice, and a larger number that can be practiced for maybe a period of a few weeks now and then. The material covering preparatory issues is very important and should not be skipped, otherwise, it is likely that effort will be wasted and lead to disillusionment.


  • Subtlety and Being Podcast – how not to bring bad habits to practice.
  • Slow – remembering to be slow now and then and some guidance on practice in general.
  • Resistance – How to deal with resistance to practice.





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Spare a thought for the optimists - the poor hyped up little fuckers that invite disappointment through their greedy unrealistic expectations.

Phew - for a minute I’d forgotten that it’s all empty and futile, and I was going to do something with an expectation of fulfillment. Now I’ve remembered I don’t want to do it - yippee. Where’s the donuts?

Based on all the evidence any higher power must be convicted of being malicious. Even indifference could not produce a species that strived with all its being to persist in its existence knowing all the time that the effort could prove futile at any moment.

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