Pessimist Handbook


This is part of a book I am putting together – although whether it ever sees the light of day is another matter. In any case, at least something will have been published in this much-shortened edition.

So, this book is free to any sucker that wants to read it. It’s full of aphorisms with a short commentary attached to each. I can be rude to my readers because it’s free, and having paid nothing for it they have got nothing to complain about – and no, I don’t want to no about the typos.

The orgy of optimism that is sweeping the planet is a sure sign that things are not good. Why would people need affirmations, phony passion, goals and other claptrap if everything was okay? Clearly it isn’t, and so people cling to the new religion of optimism – because the future has to be better than the hell they live in right now.

But here is the twist – pessimists tend to be more successful and happier – the very things the optimist wants. Such cruel irony.

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All is nothingness in the world, including my despair, which any man who is wise but also calmer, and I myself certainly at a quieter time, will see as vain, irrational, and imaginary. Wretched me! Even this pain of mine is vain, nothing. - Leopardi

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