I’m going to say something that may make you want to throw up. You are already perfect. So the obvious question is “why don’t I feel perfect?”, and what does perfect mean anyway? This is not some new-age bullshit claiming that you are love (you are not), or making promises of nirvana or enlightenment (no such things).

I’ll start by defining “perfect”. You are perfect when you sit within our own power, and your power is the power to be what you are. It may not be apparent that you need power to be what you already are, but you do. There are just too many influences that bend you into shapes that are not you, and it requires skill and practice to repel those influences and deconstruct the bends and twists that have already been ingested.

The are many simple examples of how we are assailed by unwelcome influences on a day-to-day basis. Maybe you are at a social event and feel compelled to fix a smile on your face, even though the whole experience is a pain. Someone told you that your normal expression is not adequate and so you comply with all the others – all doing the same thing. Maybe you are in a relationship where you feel obliged to participate in activities that hold no real attraction, but you comply for fear of friction and disapproval. Maybe you were told as a child that you should always look smart or people won’t respect you – and on and on.

None of the above belongs to you, it is just a set of behaviors and attitudes you have adopted because you felt the world demanded them. On top of these learned, and quite foreign behaviors, are ideas that we have ingested. That as a human being you sit outside the law of cause and effect that determines the behavior of everything else, and that you have free will. Because of this you believe in praise and blame, good and bad, self-discipline and many other notions that derive from this delusional fantasy called free will.

If a person is going to move back to what they really are they need to deconstruct. This requires skill, knowledge and courage. The alternative is to live with an inner monster that has been created by our unwitting ingestion of ideas, behaviors and attitudes that are wholly foreign to our real nature.This will cause endless suffering as the real within us conflicts with the artificial. For most people the artificial becomes fixed and dominant, and what was real dies.

Contrary to the new-age belief that our real nature is all sweetness and light – unending feelings of love, compassion, kindness, and dopey-eyed bliss, the reality is somewhat different. Our real nature is wholly selfish, and this selfishness exists at many levels. First of all we want to survive – a wholly selfish motive. We also want a supporting social structure – family, friends, peers – wholly selfish. As we understand our nature more, so we will understand the nature of others, and it becomes desirable that awareness of our real nature is better understood, with the result that people generally have more realistic expectations of each other, and most importantly do not have unrealistic expectations of us. Also completely selfish.

It requires great courage to be wholly selfish, and in the process to be what we really are. The only route to such a state is deconstructing all the nonsense and bullshit we have absorbed in our journey through life. It’s a painful process, since part of the process involves murdering our best loved children – how charming we are, how kind we are, how loving, generous, polite, conscientious, self-disciplined …

The choice is simple. We either suffer unconsciously as the pile of festering excrement becomes ever more difficult to bear, or we can suffer consciously by clearing it out. And this is the only choice we have – suffer consciously through deconstruction, or suffer unconsciously as the poisons we have ingested eventually kill the real within us.



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