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Epictetus – How Much are You Worth?

Man, the rational animal, can put up with anything except what seems to him irrational; whatever is rational is tolerable. Physical hardships are not intolerable by nature. The Spartans, for instance, gladly submit to being whipped because they are taught that it is done for good reason. But what about being hanged – isn’t that intolerable? Well, people frequently go and hang...

Schopenhauer on Ego

The chief and fundamental incentive in a human being, as in an animal, is egoism, i.e. the urge to existence and well-being. This egoism, both in an animal and in a human being, is linked in the most precise way with his innermost core and essence, and indeed is properly identical with it. So all his actions, as a rule, spring from egoism and the explanation of any given action is always to be...


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A sense of responsibility comes from ignorance of the fact that we have no control over anything.

There is nothing precious about the here and now, it’s simply that the past and future are unworthy of your attention.

The secret of a tolerable life is to reduce striving to a minimum. Drop the “trying”. Don’t be concerned about wasting time - time is meant to be wasted. Abandon ambitions and seek a situation where only the minimum of effort is needed.

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