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Epictetus – How Much are You Worth?

Man, the rational animal, can put up with anything except what seems to him irrational; whatever is rational is tolerable. Physical hardships are not intolerable by nature. The Spartans, for instance, gladly submit to being whipped because they are taught that it is done for good reason. But what about being hanged – isn’t that intolerable? Well, people frequently go and hang...

Schopenhauer on Ego

The chief and fundamental incentive in a human being, as in an animal, is egoism, i.e. the urge to existence and well-being. This egoism, both in an animal and in a human being, is linked in the most precise way with his innermost core and essence, and indeed is properly identical with it. So all his actions, as a rule, spring from egoism and the explanation of any given action is always to be...


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... the will to deception, and craven self-interest should be accorded a higher and more fundamental value for all life. Nietzsche

Pleasure is absence of pain. So address the psychological and physical pains in your life and forget about pleasure - it is simply a side effect of reducing pain.

Ambitions are achieved through effort. Ambition implies a state of want, and a state of want is pain. So effort is always an attempt to diminish pain.

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