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The Corporeal Fantasy

The corporeal fantasy is your life, a fantasy created by your senses, mind, and desires. This fantasy has its pleasures and pains, and one fine day comes to an end. Animals live the same life, striving to survive, to procreate and then eventually die. If we don’t want to live the life of an animal we need to understand ourselves and the world. This gives us the power to wake up from the...


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... the will to deception, and craven self-interest should be accorded a higher and more fundamental value for all life. Nietzsche

Pleasure is absence of pain. So address the psychological and physical pains in your life and forget about pleasure - it is simply a side effect of reducing pain.

Ambitions are achieved through effort. Ambition implies a state of want, and a state of want is pain. So effort is always an attempt to diminish pain.

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