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The Corporeal Fantasy

The corporeal fantasy is your life, a fantasy created by your senses, mind, and desires. This fantasy has its pleasures and pains, and one fine day comes to an end. Animals live the same life, striving to survive, to procreate and then eventually die. If we don’t want to live the life of an animal we need to understand ourselves and the world. This gives us the power to wake up from the...


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There is nothing wrong with a world that cannot offer any sort of satisfaction, and we can only experience satisfaction once we realize there is no satisfaction to be had - anywhere.

Does life seem hollow and futile? Well of course it is. How could the impermanent be anything else?

men are by nature envious, that is, they rejoice at the weakness of their fellows and are pained at their accomplishments. #Spinoza

everyone is eager to tell of his exploits and to boast of his strength both of body and mind, and for this reason men bore one another #Spinoza

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