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The Dark Way

A short manual on living more easily with our inner beast. Extract. The Dark Way is dark because it requires that we look at those things within ourselves we would rather not look at. The way of “love and light” is usually nothing more than an ego trip, a flight of fancy into a world that is not real but gives temporary relief from the realities of life. This way is dark because it demands we...

The Devil’s Work

This free, short book is appearing in many places (someone has even set up a Reddit stream). The Devil’s Work is a brutal assessment of man’s situation – don’t read it if you are squeemish. A taster has been extracted so you can see what you are getting into. It can be downloaded by clicking on the image – enjoy! PREFACE   If you listen carefully you can...


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You are an insignificant instance of a cosmic desire that cannot be satisfied. You are the black night sky of dissatisfaction broken only by pinpoints of hubris.

If you believe you are something you will fear becoming nothing. Only a person who knows they are nothing can be fearless.

People will always vote for the person who appeals most successfully to their self interest. As such a nation always gets the leader it deserves.

The greatest possible freedom is the realization that you do not exist - that you are a fiction of your own making.

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