Aphorisms to Entertain – Until They Don’t


Ambition is always dangerous territory, but spiritual ambition – enlightenment, moksha, salvation, nirvana – is the most dangerous of all.

As far as emotional states are concerned, don’t fix – feel.

As long as we strive we will suffer.

Be silent you know nothing.

Because you believe that you know, you cannot experience the wonder and mystery of existence.

By craving freedom, you become less free.

Definition of a new age person – someone who is generally ignorant of science and philosophy, but is happy to proclaim with certainty on the most difficult questions.

Definition of an optimist: someone who is a master of self-deception and denial.

Denial of futility and emptiness is more painful than their acceptance.

Don’t be afraid of the bad times, it is the good times that should be feared – they will give you confidence and hope and you will be poorly prepared for the inevitable bad times that inevitably follow. Don’t be a sucker.

Emptiness is full of possibilities. Fullness is empty of possibility.

Even the most refined emotions expressed in polite company are nothing more than attempts to dominate, dismiss, boast, and achieve some level of superiority.

Every decision you ever make will be a mistake.

Every moment is unique – sounds, sights, thoughts, emotions. If you are not attentive, every moment will be lost.

Facebook – a platform for narcissists who want to post photographs of every restaurant they have visited, every holiday, their cats doing cute things, and believe that others will be interested in their desperately dull lives.

Freedom is first and foremost freedom from oneself.

Gratification is always followed by cold turkey.

Great news, your situation is hopeless.

Hang loose – you have control over absolutely nothing.

Hope is the destroyer of inner peace.

I suspect that many of the “holy scriptures” were written by the insane. And yet it is their very vagueness and total meaninglessness that holds millions in their grasp. We, the unworthy, bow down before the lunatic scriptures.

If you are unhappy it is because your most treasured values have no value. At a societal level people are unhappy because the values of society have no value.

If you can observe it, you are not it.

If you don’t want your “ friends” to think you are a wierdo then for fucks sake don’t try and say anything even remotely intelligent – like, “you are going to die”.

If you want greater contentment and inner peace, you have to buy a one-way ticket into hell – your own inner hell.

In so called spiritual pursuits there are a thousand and one things that do not work and absolutely nothing that does work.

Is it not enough just to sit and experience existence? Or does the whining baby in your head keep you fully occupied? If it does, then give it your attention and eventually it will stop whining and leave you free to simply sit and be.

It is your self-importance that makes you miserable. – Because you think you are important you have expectations, and even more than expectations you believe you have rights. You have the right to be happy – you have no such thing. You don’t even have the right to life.

It might all be illusion and lies but the illusion and lies exist. Existence itself is the only truth.

It requires a great deal of effort to come to the realization that no amount of effort can bring satisfaction.

It’s easy to figure out if someone really dislikes you – they will overcompensate and be gushing with their hello and greeting.

Life is like a contrary lover: the more you despise it the more it offers up its gifts. The more you love it the meaner it will treat you.

Life will always be meaningless until you can appreciate meaninglessness.

Much of your psyche is working against your own interests, and for those who programmed you.

Nature doesn’t require that you are happy or sane, it just requires that you procreate and then die.

Never trust a “spiritual“ person.

Never trust someone who claims that you can trust them.

Nothing serves as well as obscurity to make shallowness look profound.

Only zero is sanity. Zero expectations, opinions, desires, ambitions.

Optimism has become morality. To spurn optimism is to be treated like a thief, a liar – to be unclean.

Optimism serves society but exhausts the optimist.

Our programming is designed to serve nature, not to provide us with a happy and fulfilling life.

Perfection is total acceptance of the fact that you are a chaotic, fucked up, mess.

Pleasure is absence of pain. So address the psychological and physical pains in your life and forget about pleasure – it is simply a side effect of reducing pain.

Pretending to listen, to be interested when I don’t want to listen, and when nothing is interesting – that is hell itself.

Putting others down is the most popular way of lifting oneself up. Resentment makes the world go round.

Science is not the study of reality. It is the study of the way our mind represents reality.

Silence is the language of reality.

Social intercourse – to bore and be bored.

Some people may believe that it is our emotions that make us human, but the opposite is true. It is the emotions that make us inhuman.

Stoicism is hot – a good reason to avoid it. Besides, the stoics had no understanding of human emotions, and without that, you might as well piss into the wind.

Take every nugget of popular wisdom you have acquired, reverse it, and your wisdom will increase tenfold.

That voice inside your head is not you.

That we might one day know “the truth” is an outrageous lie.

The day after you die the world will be pretty much identical with the day before you died. You are not the least bit important. Now isn’t that a relief?

The harder you try to make everything okay, the less okay things will be.

The highest practice is not meditation, chanting, philosophizing, self remembering, or any other fabricated practice. The highest practice is to be whatever you happen to be right here and now.

The key to inner peace – accept your emotional state, your physical state, and your rabid thoughts, just as they are. Simple but not easy.

The less you know the happier you will be.

The love of life is paid for by fear of death.

The most damaging, evil word in the English language is “should”.

The universe is amoral knowing neither good nor evil. Morality is a human affair and is always defined by the power possessors.

The whole notion of self-discipline is nonsense. We can only deal with one desire by having a desire that is opposite and stronger – it’s mechanical. There are no “strong-willed” people, there are just people with particular desires.

There are truths of fact (the sky is blue) and truths of logic (bachelors are unmarried, John is a bachelor, therefore John is unmarried). Any other truth claims (eg purpose of life, existence of God) are simply imagination.

There is no one more dangerous than a person who has found God.

There is nothing you can do to make yourself happy, but there is probably lots you can stop doing.

Thought is legitimate when it is used to transcend thought.

To be born intelligent is the greatest of all curses in this life.

To become consciously aware that you know nothing, and can know nothing, is the greatest achievement of the human mind.

To realize that “every thought you had don’t mean a thing”, an awful lot of thinking is needed.

Tomorrow is going to be better, isn’t it? Here and now is just a rehearsal – for tomorrow. But here and now will always be the same – it will always be unsatisfactory. There is no better tomorrow. Tomorrow will be exactly the same as today.

Trying to be happy will make up miserable. Being okay with misery will make you happy.

Unless a person becomes profoundly disappointed with the usual trappings of life there is no possibility of them finding real pleasure.

Violence – when one entity diminishes the survival prospects of another entity. All life is violent.

We are very personal in an impersonal universe. Suffering is guaranteed.

We’re all fucked up, and the most fucked up of all are those who don’t think they’re fucked up.

What do you want? Whatever it is, it will be making you miserable.

Yesterday I read twenty wise sayings. Today I have forgotten them all.

You can always not care. And even if you do care you can “not care” that you care.

You should know that love almost always turns to hate. So be wary of love.

Your knowing is like a swarm of maggots. All it will leave is the bones.



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