7 Axioms of Human Existence

  1. You will do everything within your power to ensure your existence – this is the cause of all your suffering
  2. When you are stronger others are weaker. When you are weak others are stronger. The basis of almost all human interaction.
  3. Reality is too brutal to be seen for what it is – and so you will deny and distract yourself from its seeming futility.
  4. Knowledge that affirms is self deception. Knowledge that negates is truth. You do not and cannot know anything of substance.
  5. Nothing exists outside your mind, although things clearly exist outside your body.
  6. Your sense of ā€œIā€ is as much an illusion of the mind as the experience of the color red. There is no self.
  7. The illusion created by your mind is all encompassing – except for one thing. The illusion exists, and the fact of existence is the only affirmative truth you will ever know.


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The only satisfaction you will ever know comes from the realization that you will never be satisfied.

The naivety of science rests solely in its belief of a world that exists independently of perception.

If you can go all the way down to the bottom of the pile of shit called life you may experience a sort of pleasure from your own inner honesty and courage.

Illness and death await us all, and unless that prospect is considered to be okay, then things are never going to be okay.

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