A Minority Interest

A new book just published on Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback.

Very few people are experts in their own nature; it’s a minority interest. Plenty of people are interested in money, sex, fame, power, sensual indulgences, but self-knowledge is a rare thing indeed. Even so-called spiritual practices focus on dogma and external practices such as mindfulness. This book is about you and the world you live in. It isn’t pretty. There is no happy ever after story here, and no easy answers. As such, the contents of this book will always be a minority inetrest.


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The foundational problem in human behavior is not our hatred, but our insincerity toward ourselves and others that we hate.

We cling on to our suffering more than anything else because it makes us special and allows us to virtue signal.

To think is to decompose and to break wholes down into parts. This is a recipe for disaster, because the mind then focuses on the parts and loses the whole.

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