An Account of Life as it Actually Is

The center of the labyrinth is the way out of the labyrinth. It’s the movement to the center that is a journey through hell.

It seems that the realities of life are unpalatable for most people and so they adopt some form of belief in an existence for which they have absolutely no evidence whatsoever. I’m talking of course about religions and so-called spiritual pursuits. By opting for the fictions these same people are saying that life as it actually is is not acceptable. Generally speaking the objections center around the suffering that life can dish out and of course the fact we are all mortal. Humanity has dealt with these brutal facts by creating alternative fictions, and if those fictions reduce existential angst then it would be folly to condemn them. The problem is that these fictions come with a price tag attached, and that price is doubt and the need to continually elaborate on the fiction to make it fit the realities of living.

So I’m not interested in fictions here since I’ve found that the pains and terrors that life presents are best faced head on. And I should stress I do not buy the materialist view of the world any more than I buy into the religious one. We know much less than we think we do, and the only true comfort in this life is an accurate picture of what life actually is. Even the pessimists and those who make a hobby out of complaining about life will often miss the reality of our situation simply because they are too busy complaining.

There are no happy-ever-after stories here. Just the facts as they present themselves and whatever conclusions might be drawn from those facts. But here is the strange twist in all of this. A ruthless insistence upon honesty allows us to build a picture of our existence that is both awful and comforting. Someone who has not stared the horrors and tragedies of life straight in the face will have no understanding of this. So, the purpose of this website is simply to deliver a true perspective on life insofar as any of us are capable of such a perspective.


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There are no happy endings. If you can accept this you are one step nearer to an unbearable freedom.

The rantings of atheists and scientists are often more revoltingly sickly sweet than those of religious types. All they’ve done is replace God with nature, and they try so hard to convince themselves and us how beautiful and glorious the world is; when in truth it’s a nightmare.

My aversion to effort becomes an almost writhing horror before all forms of violent effort. War, energetic and productive labour, helping others – all this strikes me as the product of an impertinence ….. Pessoa

There is something very unsatisfying associated with buying into temporarily happy states, a kind of dumb stupidity permissible in dogs and monkeys, but not human beings.

It’s such a mistake to try and lift ourselves out of misery. Misery is our ground state and we should savor it. Attempts to do away with misery will only result in temporary happiness, an unstable state that requires constant effort to maintain.

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