A Minority Interest

A new book just published on Amazon in both Kindle and Paperback.

Very few people are experts in their own nature; it’s a minority interest. Plenty of people are interested in money, sex, fame, power, sensual indulgences, but self-knowledge is a rare thing indeed. Even so-called spiritual practices focus on dogma and external practices such as mindfulness. This book is about you and the world you live in. It isn’t pretty. There is no happy ever after story here, and no easy answers. As such, the contents of this book will always be a minority inetrest.


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Stupid bottom-up thinking says do this, don't do that. Top-down thinking doesn't say anything - it doesn't need to. Stupid bottom-up says don't express negative emotions. Top-down doesn't feel negative because it understands the nature of things. It's dogma vs understanding.

Happy thoughts:
1 Nothing matters: time reveals the vanity of all things.
2 Your reality is a survival optimized simulation.
3 Living is a process of dying.
4 Pleasures are small and pains often not so small.
5 Our deliverance is the ability to see the absurdity of it all.

If you don’t make the effort to understand yourself and life you will suffer like a dog and be sucked dry until there is nothing left of you but a husk.

If you had never heard the words God, spiritual, truth, enlightenment, Holy, salvation, sin, … life would have been much simpler and possibly more pleasant.

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